14 12 / 2012

Hobbit Thoughts - Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread

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It’s been a very long time since I’ve read The Hobbit. However, I’ve been very excited for the movie and went to catch the midnight showing last night. I’m pleased to say I remained awake for nearly the entirety, but no amount of Red Bull could keep me from losing (I think) around 15 minutes in the middle, but I’ll certainly make up for it with another viewing.

I’m not the LOTR aficionado that many of you are so I won’t aspire to contrast the book and the film; Rather I’ll leave that to the more knowledgeable. What I will do is compare it a bit with LOTR since it’s serving as a prequel, after all.

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07 12 / 2012

My Halo 4 Impressions at FaN

At this point I’ve racked up over 24 hours in Halo 4’s multiplayer and I’ve yet to finish the campaign, While I’m not comfortable doing a detailed review JUST yet, I’m very comfortable saying this is the best Halo yet by far and 343 Industries has crafted something stellar. It’s fun, pretty, and solid. Check out my full thoughts over at Fierce and Nerdy.

03 12 / 2012

My Ginormous Wii U Impressions Post

Recently I stood out in the cold with Muzz and Sleazy from NerKO to pick up a Wii U at our local Target. Here are my thoughts on the system so far.

Now, the only games I’ve played so far are ZombiU and Nintendo Land so this is by no means a comprehensive look at the launch lineup. Rather, I want to explore what it’s like to use the system and then we’ll get to my limited experience with the launch titles.

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27 11 / 2012

My Silent Hill Revelation: 3D Review at NerdKO

You can imagine my excitement as a long-standing Silent Hill fan to rush into Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. I’m staring at Heather Mason and I am sure the critics are wrong. They couldn’t possibly understand the original Team Silent vision. The intricate narrative and the ground-breaking themes that were explored and ultimately realized in a time when video game narratives were punctuated by ‘Jill Sandwich’ affairs. Nope, thanks but no thanks mr. Rotten Tomatoes, the collective opinions of your denizens are wrong and I shall prove as much when I come out of Silent Hill: Revelation, grinning dutifully as I charge toward my keyboard to tell tale of what surely will be Sean Bean’s defining moments as an actor and a production so tightly crafted that it makes Raging Bull look like Real Steel by comparison. It shall redefine triumph and an industry along with it.

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26 11 / 2012

Nobody Can be Half a Blogger Anymore

You can’t be half a blogger anymore.  Any Boardwalk Empire fans out there will immediately recognize I’ve adopted a quote from the first season that Jimmy Darmody somewhat somberly delivers to Nucky Thompson regarding his status in Atlantic City.  In the same way, if you’re expecting to write successfully in a regular way, you can’t afford to half ass it.  

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22 11 / 2012

Mom’s Thanksgiving Zumba Turkey Burn

It’s Thanksgiving morning and my Dad and I drove my mother to the South Point Community Center this morning around 7:30. It’s cold and the center itself has the dusty, old look and smell that you’d expect with those slightly glossy concrete floors and aged drywall. On one end is a foot-and-a-half-high stage with a rickety metal table on stage left. Mom motions at me hurriedly to set up the boom-box here and then asks my Dad to start clearing to the side what are clearly recently adorned (and carefully positioned) Thanksgiving dinner tables. Dad thinks about protesting only a moment given that someone clearly has plans to use these before shrugging and pointing to the other end one one, prompting me to assist in making room.

It is time for Zumba.

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20 11 / 2012

Was camping out in front of Target in the blistering cold overnight worth it for a Wii U? Yes. Yes it was. Impressions coming soon!

Was camping out in front of Target in the blistering cold overnight worth it for a Wii U? Yes. Yes it was. Impressions coming soon!

17 11 / 2012

Halocation, Silent Hill Revelations, and Wii U Damnations

I took vacation for the launch of Halo 4. To say I get excited about Halo is an understatement because I’ve adored the game ever since I started playing the series over 10 years ago. To ensure I had nothing but time to devote to it, I took some vacation last week (which, I probably should’ve mentioned on here before doing so) and couldn’t have been more pleased. My thoughts on Halo 4 will be forthcoming soon on Fierce and Nerdy, but rest assured 343 Industries has crafted something here that is simply superb.

Also during this time I saw Silent HIll Revelations and was pretty mortified with it. Not in the good way, mind you, but more on that will be comign when I post my full review up on NerdKO this week so look for that as well.

Finally, history really does repeat itself. Tonight, I will be camped out with Muzz from NerdKO all night at Target to secure a Wii U for him. However, there’s no actual need for this because I pre-ordered one that is already waiting for me safe and sound elsewhere. But, because I want to be a good friend (and he promised me hot dogs and hamburgers would be grilled overnight) I’ll be headed out tonight to support him and rally the U-seeking masses. Madness? Maybe, but passion is infectious and I get giddy at the thought of gamers braving the elements overnight to be the first to get their grubby mits on the latest console.

So how’s your weekend shaping up?

08 11 / 2012

01 11 / 2012

Our Shelob Attacks Time Lapse Halloween

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Cara and I were trying to sort out what to do for Halloween yesterday and ended up making this snazzy time-lapse video of our constructing the Lord of the Rings: Shelob Attacks Lego set. If you click that link you can pick it up for yourself and make your own stop-motion video using the most excellent Frameographer courtesy of the excellent crew that brought you the Glif!

It was a lot of fun making this and I imagine we’ll be doing more as time goes on. Lego bricks are excellent for this sort of video anyways!